Pepperland Labs

Our next technology product is called Couch.

Our experiments thus far:


Adoravid sought to lower the barriers to cuteness. We curated hundreds of the best, cutest, most immediately satisfying animal videos from around the web, then gave the user a big "watch" button to get one video displayed at random.

Why shuttered?   Apple rejected it on the premise of being "too simple."


Couch Networks

We created a group of channels called the Couch Network. Griio connects you with portraits and personal stories from around the globe. Hearscene surfaces the best music videos across genres. Yeahmazing brings you internet culture at its best -- emoticon-inducing videos that run the gamut of our crazy world.

Why shuttered?   Took too much energy for too few results, on a platform that wasn't interesting to us.


We create tools that better connect people to great content and the context surrounding it.

We seek to create experiences that are as intimate and exhilarating as those delivered by the first listen to a groundbreaking record in the 60's, but with the personalization and social connectedness afforded by modern technology.

We recognize shortened attention spans as a reality, but believe that the experiences within those spans can be more powerful than ever.

We hope the storytellers & curators of the present and future will connect with their audiences through our products.

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